Rumor: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic May Get Itself an All-New Reboot

There’s a slight disturbance in the Force…. as BioWare’s beloved RPG franchise, Knights of the Old Republic, is rumored to make an appearance in the form of a reboot.

Gaming journalist Liam Robertson stated in his podcast on Patreon that EA’s BioWare Austin has started working on a new KOTOR game. He said:

“I’ve learned now that [BioWare Austin is] pretty much now exclusively working on Star Wars games and they’re going to be doing that for the indefinite future…. What they’re currently working on right now—and I have this on good authority—is a sort of remake/revival of Knights of the Old Republic. I don’t know when this is set to come out, but it has been in development for a little while now.”

However, Robertson still has no clue of how the final version of that project would be, as he believes that this new KOTOR game could be more like a revival than a remake. He did reveal that the game itself won’t be the follow-up sequel of the original series but a KOTOR-esque approach on Disney’s Star Wars universe. He said:

“I think this is sort of like wiping the slate clean…. I think this is going to embrace the new Star Wars universe lore because Knights of the Old Republic was sort of just pushed into the expanded universe, the Legends canon of Star Wars.”

Previously in September 2016, various sources stated that a remaster/remake version of KOTOR was under development but stopped by EA due to various conflicts inside the company. Rumors of KOTOR development surged again after Drew Karpyshyn, lead writer of the first game in the series, tweeted that he’s already working on a new game project in BioWare.

If the rumors can be confirmed, this KOTOR reboot/revival game could be slated to have an appearance on the upcoming Star Wars Celebration in April or EA PLAY in June.

Source *SWGameOutpost

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