Divinity: Original Sin II raises $2m via Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign for Divinity: Original Sin II has now ended, with a total of $2m being raised by backers supporting the game.

Originally, Larian Studios had only been looking to raise $500,000 for Divinity: Original Sin II, however that target has been met and quadrupled with a final total of $2,032,434 being pledged by 42,713 backers, including a $10,000 pledge from GOG.com. With their $10k pledge, GOG.com will get to design a character to feature in Divinity: Original Sin II and are asking for help in doing so.

Having surpassed the $2m mark, backers unlocked the Game Master mode which will now be added to the game when it is released. The Game Master Mode will allow you to craft your very own dungeons which your friends can then play through, except that you will be controlling the dungeon by placing enemies on the fly, manipulating the environment and doing everything in your power to make their life hell.

Here are a few things that have been made possible due to the huge success on Kickstarter,

Chris Avellone joins as a writer after the community connects him and Larian Studios.
Strategist Mode, to put the tactical abilities of even the most seasoned veterans to the test.
The Undead as a playable race. Why should the living have all the fun?
The Hall of Echoes, a new playable area in the land of the dead.
Love & Hate relationships, for even deeper roleplaying experiences.
– Racial abilities, new skill trees, and dedicated mod support.

Divinity: Original Sin will be making its way to PS4, Xbox One and PC in October via the Enhanced Edition which will add controller support as well as split-screen play, full voice-overs, improved visuals and new quests and characters. Owners of Divinity: Original Sin will receive the Enhanced Edition for free.

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