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Hitman Surpasses 5 Million Players

Hitman has always been a popular franchise, and the latest instalment in the series by IO Interactive has been no exception. It’s been so popular, in fact, that the studio took to Twitter to announce that the latest Hitman game has so far had 5 million players step into the shoes of Agent 47, and counting.

IO Interactive were quick to thank fans following the significant milestone for their continued support and for helping make the game a huge success.

However despite being played by more than 5 million people, things weren’t always as positive for the newest Hitman game as concerns were raised before it launched by a number of fans due to the episodic format IO Interactive decided to take. The format saw 6 episodes released over the course of 7 months, with gamers having to wait just over a month between episodes to enjoy the next chapter in the game.

The announcement comes not long after the studio split from publisher Square Enix, although IO Interactive managed to retain all rights to the Hitman franchise. Recently, the studio also made the first Hitman level available for free to players on every platform, allowing players to have a taste of what to expect before purchasing individual episodes or the full package.

You can grab Hitman now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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