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Marvel Heroes Omega Gets New “Defenders” Update on Consoles

The Hand is at it again terrorizing the citizens of New York, and in Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes Omega, you can fight them off all while gaining some fancy loot. Misty Knight is calling for the heroes of the Marvel Universe to gather at Avengers Tower in order to help extinguish this new threat. Players will be guided to a new account mission and several new daily missions, including the console-exclusive “Daily Defenders” mission. Speaking of, console players will also receive a Hell’s Kitchen loot box as a reward for some missions in the storyline. New currency is also being added; Hand Orders will allow players to purchase brand new loot, like Bullseye’s deck of cards and Elektra’s bandanna.

Marvel Heroes Omega launched on June 30th, 2017, on PS4 and Xbox One. An evolved version of Gazillion’s yearly “Marvel Heroes”, the game is now taking off with a myriad of free events and characters. Using the free-to-play model to keep the updates coming, Gazillion promises to keep adding the things players want the most. This includes missions, loot, and of course, characters. The serviceable model Gazillion serves may be enough for fans, but reviews say there are more important things. Most critics talk of Marvel Heroes’ sparse content, which has you doing the same tasks over and over. They also speak of the depth that Gazillion puts into the lore of its MMORPG, so all is not bad for Marvel Heroes.

For more, check out the trailer below and the Marvel Heroes website.

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