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H1Z1 Has Lost 91% of its Players Since June 2017

It’s no secret that H1Z1 isn’t doing as well as it once was, especially following the release of other Battle Royale games which have proven to be, arguably, a lot more popular than H1Z1 ever was. While it comes as no surprise to see that the player base of H1Z1 has shrinked over the past few months, what might come as bit of a surprise is by how much it has fallen.

According to GitHyp, H1Z1 has seen a 91% drop in players since June 2017 when the game hit a peak of 150,402 players. As of the past 30 days, however, H1Z1 has hit a peak of only 17,652 players. The drop in players for H1Z1 has also seen the game lingering around the top 50 mark for the most played games on Steam, which is a far cry from the times when it was one of the most played games on Steam.

Despite the decline in its player base, developer Daybreak Studios are still standing by their game with the studio set to launch the first pro league for H1Z1 in the next month. They have also been working on a number of patches and tweaks in the hope of tempting some of the game’s former players back or, at the very least, keeping the ones they have.

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