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Monster Hunter: World Has Shipped 7.9 Million Copies Worldwide

It’s been revealed that Monster Hunter: World has now shipped 7.9 million copies globally. Capcom announced this figure in their latest earnings report for the fiscal year that ended March 31st.

We found out that Monster Hunter: World became Capcom’s best-selling title in early March when the shipping figure hit 7.5 million units. Recently updated data on the Capcom Investor Relations website shows that an additional 400,000 copies were shipped by the end of the month.

On top of becoming Capcom’s best-selling game, it also smashed other company records. Monster Hunter: World enabled the franchise to become the first Capcom series to reach 5 million units shipped in the first three days of launch. It also became the fastest Capcom title to ship 6 million copies in the developer’s history.

Best-selling Capcom Platinum Titles

1. Monster Hunter: World (2018) – 7.9 million units
2. Resident Evil 5 (2009) – 7.3 million units
3. Resident Evil 6 (2012) – 7.1 million units
4. Street Fighter II (1992) – 6.3 million units
5. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017) – 5.1 million units

As of March 31st 2018

Source: Capcom Investor Relations

Sales of the title have helped Capcom’s overall net revenue reach ¥94.5 billion, which is up by 8.4%. Plus their operating income is now coming in at ¥16 billion, which has increased by 17.5%.

From Capcom’s Consolidated financial results: ”The Company’s flagship title Monster Hunter: World (for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), which was released worldwide in January 2018, significantly contributed to the Company’s performance after garnering immense popularity for its near-flawless execution and shipping more than 7.5 million units worldwide, a landmark achievement that made it the bestselling game in the Company’s history. Of particular note is that the worldwide expansion of the user base due to the game’s tremendous success overseas—in addition to its established domestic popularity—has marked the start of a new era for the brand, and that this international
recognition has served to energize the Company’s global operations.”

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