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Rage 2, Borderlands 3, Gears of War 5 and Others All Leaked by Walmart Retailers

Someone dropped the ball on this one 

There has been a possibly substantial leak by Canadian Walmart pre-order listings for several unannounced titles, including Rage 2, Borderlands 3, Gears of War 5, Just Cause 4, a possible new Assassin’s Creed, DC Villains and a bunch of other announced and unannounced games.

The inclusion of these unannounced games alongside titles such as The Division 2, Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Destiny Comet, games we either already knew about or were expecting to make an appearance at this year’s E3, strongly suggests these games may be present at the show next month.

Perhaps the most surprising and unexpected name on the list is Rage 2, a sequel to id Software’s generally well received but quickly forgotten 2011 shooter Rage. Announced in 2008, Rage was id Software’s first new IP since Quake and, given the developer’s track record, was considerably anticipated. Despite the game’s excellent gunplay and graphics, it had a forgettable world and repetitive design and was all but forgotten about shortly after its release. A sequel was originally planned but shelved so id could focus on the Doom remake. Its inclusion on the list is one so out of left field that if it wasn’t legitimate, it would be a bizarre joke, and further adding fuel to the fire is the official Rage Twitter and Bethesda’s response which seems to correct but also doesn’t deny the original listing…. take a look for yourself.

The other announcements are perhaps more expected. Borderlands 3 has been all but officially unveiled, with a tech demo shown last year and Gearbox head Randy Pitchford frequently mentioning work on the sequel. Gears of War 5 is, again, not fully unexpected following the series’ reemergence with Gears of War 4 in 2016, and an Assassin’s Creed announcement would only confirm the series is back to annual releases.

Other inclusions in the leak include a new Lego game called DC Villains, Just Cause 4, which was rumoured to be in development for a while, Dragon Quest 2 which is likely supposed to be Dragon Quest Builders 2 as apposed to any sort of remake of the 1987 Super Famicom game. Then there’s Destiny Comet, which is likely a placeholder name for the expected big expansion for Destiny 2 similar to The Taken King in 2015.

With just a month left till E3, this leak may have opened up many publishers’ goody bags early, with few surprises in store. Here’s hoping Square Enix or Sony come through with something unexpected and new to give us all something to watch for this coming June.

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