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Rainbow Six Siege servers not to go live until 5am in the UK

Despite Rainbow Six Siege releasing at midnight tonight, the Ubisoft Support Site has stated that the servers for the game won’t actually go live until 5am on December 1, rendering any midnight launch pretty much useless.

If this proves to be the case, it means it will be a waste of time staying up and counting down the clock until it strikes 00.01 on December 1. It means that for those who are attending a midnight launch to purchase their copy of the game, they won’t be able to play the game online any sooner.

However earlier today VideoGamer.com had claimed that a Ubisoft representative told them that the servers for Rainbow Six Siege would be switched on at midnight local time for each territory, meaning that players in the UK would be able to jump into an online game at 00.01 as had been expected.

The Ubisoft Support Site however has now cast doubt over this.

Below are the times servers will switch on for each region according to Ubisoft:



UTC – 05:00AM

AEDT – 16:00PM (Sydney, Melbourne)

EMEA, Middle-East and Africa

UTC – 05:00AM – (London, Dublin, Lisbon)

CET – 06:00AM – (Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin)
07:00AM – (Bucharest, Istanbul, Cairo)
MSK, AST, EAT – 08:00AM – (Moscow, Kuwait City, Riyadh)
GST – 09:00AM – (Dubai, Abu Dhabi)North, Central and South AmericaPST – 21:00PM (30/11/2015)
CST – 23:00PM (30/11/2015
EST – 00:00AM
AMT – 01:00AM
BRT – 02:00AM
BRST – 03:00AM



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