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Konami hiring staff for “New Metal Gear” game

Following Hideo Kojima’s messy saga with Konami, the future of his beloved Metal Gear franchise has been cast in doubt. However Konami have backed up previous statements that they would be making more Metal Gear games through a job listing on the publisher’s website seeking staff for “New Metal Gear”.

The listing states that Konami are “recruiting a wide range of highly-skilled game development professionals who wish to work with us on the creation of “New Metal Gear”. The job offering is available at two different locations, one at Konami’s Los Angeles studio and the other in Tokyo, Japan.

If anyone is interested in applying to work at Konami, the publisher is looking for people who have:

  • Experience in high-end game development, planning, etc.
  • Boundless imagination, and the capacity for exciting new ideas
  • A strong passion toward game creation
  • The communication skills to effectively communicate your ideas

This is the first news that has come out of Konami for several months regarding the future of the Metal Gear series but it looks clear that they are still serious about releasing more games in the franchise. Whether the next game will be a sequel or a spin-off is unclear and whether or not it will prove as successful as The Phantom Pain is up for debate after Konami’s handling of Kojima, which meant he was unable to accept an award at the Game Awards for MGSV: TPP.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was Kojima’s last game for Konami after a huge falling out which has dragged on for most of 2015. Subsequently, Kojima has now teamed up with Sony to create an entirely new IP.



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