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Anthem Also Causing System Crashes on Xbox One

It’s been reported over the past few days that PlayStation 4 owners have been experiencing a major issue with Anthem whereby the game causes a full system crash when users try to close the game’s application. Unfortunately, there also seems to be a number of people experiencing system crashes whilst playing the game too. In some cases, it’s been reported that PS4 consoles won’t turn back on following the crash, although more often than not they still appear to work just fine afterward.

The issue has gotten so bad that Sony has even begun refunding Anthem on PlayStation 4 to affected users. Up until now, it was thought that Xbox One users were relatively unaffected by the problem. There were a few reports by gamers who claimed to have experienced a similar problem, but they appeared at first to be few and far between, especially when compared to the PlayStation 4.

Recently, there have been more reports of Anthem causing system crashes on Xbox One, including from Forbes journalist Paul Tassi who claimed to have experienced a system crash while playing the game on his Xbox One X console. Not only that, but Tassi added in his article that he has spoken to other people who have also had the game cause a system crash on their Xbox One console too.

While the number of reports on Xbox One is still nowhere near as high as those on PlayStation 4, these latest claims go to show just how much of a problem BioWare have with fixing Anthem as it was originally thought to mainly be affecting the PlayStation 4.

EA has since come out and confirmed that they are investigating the problems but added that they need the help of gamers to identify and fix the problem. In a tweet from the EA Help Twitter account, they asked anyone experiencing the crashes to send crash data reports to EA when prompted.

As of yet, there is still no fix for the problem, and it’s unclear when a fix will actually be issued. The longer this goes on for though, the harder EA and BioWare’s reputation will be hit, as well as Anthem’s.

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