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Gamers More Likely to Buy PlayStation 5 Than Next Xbox Console, Survey Shows

As we inch closer to the next generation of gaming, anticipation for announcements from Sony and Microsoft is growing as gamers look forward to getting their hands on the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

However, as expected, the so-called “console wars” are making a comeback, with gamers starting to consider what console they will purchase when the next generation is finally upon us. It’s safe to say that for the current generation, Sony has undoubtedly come out on top, with the PlayStation 4 far outpacing the Xbox One when it comes to sales. Unfortunately for Microsoft, that trend may be set to continue.

A survey conducted by UK market research company Harris Interactive has revealed that the PlayStation 5 is the console that gamers are most likely to buy. The survey’s main intentions were to gauge public perception of Google’s announcement of its new Stadia platform but also aimed to see how receptive console gamers were to it. It was through this that participants were asked to consider what platform they would purchase when the next generation of consoles is taken into account.

Out of a total of 2,146 participants, 41% of participants chose the PlayStation 5 as the console they were most likely to buy, with a further 38% of people stating that they would consider Sony’s console but were undecided.

Microsoft’s new Xbox console was only chosen by 24% of those surveyed as the console they would most likely buy, with a further 26% saying they would consider buying the new Xbox.

The survey also asked gamers what their thoughts would be if Nintendo were to release a future console. 17% of people revealed that they would most likely buy a Nintendo Switch 2, while 21% of people would give a purchase some consideration.

Source: *Harris Interactive

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