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Dead Island 2 IS Still in Development

It’s been five years since Dead Island 2 was first announced, and there’s still no release date. In fact, news regarding the game has been in very short supply over the past few years.

So, if you’ve forgotten all about Dead Island 2 or assumed that the game was no longer in development, we can’t blame you. However, THQ Nordic has confirmed in a recent investor’s presentation that Dead Island 2 is actually still in development and that they will be releasing new details in due course.

During the presentation, THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingfors discussed titles that the company will be releasing in the future when he briefly mentioned Dead Island 2 before telling gamers to ‘stay tuned’ for more news.

Dead Island 2 was first revealed in 2014 and was scheduled to release at some point in 2015. However, development problems hit the game in 2015, with many fearing that was the end of it when original developer Yager was axed until Sumo Digital took the project on in 2016. Following the game’s announcement in 2014, we did get a glimpse of some gameplay during Gamescom, but that’s been it.

Last year, the game’s official Twitter account did put out a tweet reassuring fans that Dead Island 2 was still happening, but since then we’ve heard no more news on the game until now.

There’s been no official announcement yet that Dead Island 2 will be making an appearance at E3 next month. But given that the current generation of consoles is coming to an end, we’d expect some sort of announcement regarding the game sooner rather than later if Dead Island 2 will be releasing this generation. If THQ Nordic is looking at a next-gen release for Dead Island 2, however, it may be some time yet before we get to see the game in action.

Source: *GamesRadar

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