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Listing for a Ubisoft Pass Appears on the Ubisoft Store

It looks like Ubisoft may be about to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft and EA by offering their very own subscription service that would grant access to a range of Ubisoft titles for a fixed monthly fee.

A listing was spotted on the Ubisoft store by a member of the ResetEra forum for a subscription called Ubisoft Pass Premium. The listing contained a blank placeholder image, but it was discovered in the Subscription category within the store. Since its discovery, the listing has since been deleted.

As it sounds very much like a name that would be given to a subscription service, plus the fact that it was found under the subscription category, it’s safe to assume that a Ubisoft Pass would be a service that is similar to that offered by EA. If true, that would likely mean that gamers could gain access to Ubisoft’s extensive catalogue of games for a monthly fee.

EA and Microsoft have both shown that there’s more than enough demand from gamers for a service that grants players access to dozens of games for a monthly fee, whether that’s through the Xbox Game Pass or the EA Access subscription (Origin Access for PC users). The subscription has proven to be so popular that Sony has also finally decided to offer EA Access to PlayStation users from July.

Ubisoft is yet to make any official announcement regarding the release of their own subscription service. However, as this leaked on their own store, it almost certainly means that they will be releasing their own subscription in due course.

If we didn’t know any better, we’d say it would be pretty safe to expect some kind of announcement during Ubisoft’s E3 Conference next month.

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