DOOM Release Date leaked?

Yep, it’s another release date leakage. Is it me or has there been a few of these this week? Anyway, the latest game to have its release date leaked thanks to a major retailer is Bethesda’s gory FPS Doom.

According to Amazon France, the Doom reboot will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 30th. Amazon France are known for their release date leaks and have proven to be right before, such was the case with Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC. As with all of these “leaks” though, nothing has been confirmed and although retailers often use placeholder release dates for upcoming games, they tend not to be as precise as this one, instead normally stating December 31st when they have no clue.


However at the time of writing, it appears that Amazon France have removed the release date and put in a placeholder date of December 31st. If June 30th was just a placeholder, then surely they would have kept it?

A June release could work well for Doom, especially as the summer months tend to have a lack of triple A games coming out. With E3 2016 at the start of June, a June release could provide them with a chance to drum up even more interest and hype for the reboot of the game that started it all off many years ago.

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