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New Crusader Kings II Expansion Announced, Conclave

Paradox Interactive have announced that the next expansion for its popular strategy game Crusader Kings II will be Conclave.

The main aim of Conclave is challenge and will give players a more challenging and enjoyable experience at the later stages of your game through a combination of updated AI, rule changes as well as the introduction of your council.

Conclave will also add a range of new features that will focus on your vassals as well as how your realm is governed. Vassals and powerful characters will demand a say in how your kingdom is ruled and demand seats of power, it’s up to players to decide who sits at the table and who doesn’t. Conclave will also make players choose carefully about their actions, as upsetting your council may prove devastating for your realm whereas keeping them happy will provide great benefits and solidarity. In short, Conclave will task players with keeping their kingdom together and strong by listening to their vassals, while at the same time trying to ensure that they don’t give away too much of their power.

Other features of Conclave:

  • Councils can now vote on changes to realm laws – or you can try to limit their power and influence
  • Revised education system for royal children, with new traits and events designed for childhood
  • New diplomatic system that prioritizes marital alliances and non-aggression pacts, as well as the possibility of coalitions
  • Improved military combat model with a greater emphasis on morale, as well as new rules for mercenary companies
  • And many more smaller changes including the usual tweaks to how the AI prioritizes its decisions.

Conclave will be available on PC in early 2016.

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