Final Fantasy VII Remake Has a “Classic” Mode That Makes the Combat Like the Original Game

It was revealed at Tokyo Game Show by producer Yoshinori Kitase that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will have a “classic” mode, which means battles will be like they were in the original game. Fans can play the game the way it was originally released with drop-down menus and turn-based mechanics. Good news for those who want more of a classic Final Fantasy VII feel to the new game and feel like the new battle mechanics are a bit overwhelming. To remind gamers and those who may have not played Final Fantasy VII,  when fighting enemies you would wait until the ATB Gauge filled up and then select a move to initiate an attack.

You can watch the Final Fantasy VII Remake presentation from the Tokyo Game Show down below.

When playing in “classic” mode, the player doesn’t need to focus on the action aspect of combat and can watch as the characters of the party fight to increase the ATB Gauge, and instead they can solely focus on selecting from the drop-down menu to give commands, making it more like a classic retro menu-based RPG. You can switch to “classic” mode any time when you are not in battle. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to release for the PlayStation 4 on March 3rd, 2020.

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