Currently No Plans to bring Firewatch to Xbox One


Upcoming adventure game Firewatch will only be available on PS4 and PC when the game launches, with developer Campo Santo currently having no plans to bring the game to the Xbox One. That’s not to say the game won’t head to Microsoft’s platform in the future, it’s just not currently part of the plan, according to developer Sean Vanaman.

The reason seems to be a lack of time or resources as developer Campo Santo is only a small studio and are currently putting all of their efforts into bringing Firewatch to Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PC.

Speaking in an interview with Gamingbolt, developer Sean Vanaman was asked about the prospect of an Xbox One release regarding Firewatch to which he replied, “There are no plans right now but we, obviously, want as many folks to play the game over the long term as possible!”

So while there are no plans for an Xbox One version, it hasn’t been ruled out. If the game is perceived well by gamers and the game sells well on the PS4 and PC, then there will be a chance that Firewatch will be heading to Xbox One in the future.

However Sean Vanaman did reveal that the game will run at 1080p and 30FPS on PS4. Since it’s not a shooter, 30FPS will be more than enough for the game according to Sean.

“The game is definitely in 1080p – last I played it was at 30fps. It’s not a high-action shooter so 60fps, etc, is not as important. There aren’t any rad explosions you can bask in.”

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Source: *Gamingbolt


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