All digital Hitman PS4 Pre-orders are being Cancelled

If you have pre-ordered a digital copy of Hitman on PS4,  there’s a high chance that your pre-order has already been cancelled. If it hasn’t, it is only a matter of time before it is as Sony has begun cancelling all digital pre-orders of Hitman on PS4, as requested Square Enix.

The reason for Square Enix asking Sony to cancel all digital pre-orders is because they say that the “configuration of the product… has changed significantly”. Sony sent a message to all users who had pre-ordered the game stating that they have had to withdraw the product from purchase on the PlayStation Store as well as cancelling all pre-orders.

Due to the change in configuration of Hitman, what ever that may mean, Sony did reveal that a revised pre-order for Hitman will be available again on the PlayStation Store shortly.

Hitman is due to release on March 11 for PS4, Xbox One and PC and developer IO Interactive has insisted that the game has not been delayed and that it will still release in March, saying that they needed to make adjustments which will be updated in a few days.

A PS4 and PC exclusive is beta is set to begin in February and anyone who pre-ordered the game on those platforms were granted access to it. As a result of the cancellation of pre-orders on the PS4, it is unclear now whether or not those who pre-ordered will still gain access to the beta.

If you have pre-ordered Hitman on Xbox One on PC, your pre-orders appear to be unaffected.

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