Rise of the Tomb Raider Headlines July’s PS Plus Free Games

Not a bad choice of games at all!

With July nearly upon us, that means a new set of games for PS Plus members. After last month’s epic choices of Battlefront II and Call Of Duty: WWII, it’s going to be tough to top. Not to mention that PS Plus also celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

So what have we got? First up is NBA 2K20, published by 2K Sports. Anyone familiar with the franchise will know that these follow the likes of FIFA and Madden. A great game for fans and newcomers alike and even has an open-world neighbourhood for you to explore. However, it does have a fair few microtransactions, so beware that you don’t blow five hundred quid on your mum’s credit card.

Next up is Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration edition. This is a decent edition that includes the new “Blood Ties” single-player content, VR support (the VR support is for the Blood Ties episode only), new co-op play for Endurance mode, “Ultimate Survivor” difficulty mode for the main campaign, 20 Year Celebration outfit and gun, and 5 classic Lara skins. This is a decent game, and there is plenty to cover and is well worth the price of the subscription.

And finally, there is Erica. Billed as a feature-length murder/mystery, this is a multiple choice-style game using actual cinematic footage (I once had an X-files game like that on the PS1). It has a solid 88% of ‘liked by’ and an average of 8/10 for most reviews.

And that’s not all. To celebrate 10 years of PS Plus, you can also grab yourself a free theme to decorate your PlayStation. PS Plus will also be launching a free online multiplayer weekend from the 4th. So if you haven’t had time to play with your mates during lockdown, or if you don’t have any mates at all, now would be a great time to get some Fortnite in!!

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