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Development of Tom Clancy’s The Division boosted by help from another studio

Ubisoft has called upon some extra help in developing its upcoming open-world shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division, it has announced.

The development of The Division had been primarily down to Massive Entertainment who have built the game using their stunning Snowdrop engine before they partnered with Red Storm who have history of helping develop Tom Clancy games in the apst.

The team behind the Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell multiplayer modes, French studio Ubisoft Annency, will join the current development studios Massive Entertainment who are based in Sweden, Red Storm from the US and Ubisoft Reflections from the UK in developing The Division.

“We are very happy that Ubisoft Annecy is part of The Division’s family,” says David Polfeldt, Managing Director at Massive Entertainment. “They are highly experienced and talented developers, adding much value to the project. Being able to work with other studios offers fantastic creative opportunities during development and, in the end, strongly benefits the overall quality of the game.”

“The team in Annecy is delighted to be collaborating with Massive, Red Storm and Reflections on Tom Clancy’s The Division,” Rebecka Coutaz, Studio Manager at Ubisoft Annecy, tells us. “We are bringing our previous experience in multiplayer online games and this project is allowing us to build our technical knowledge in other areas and become experts on this incredible brand. The collaboration with the other studios is going very smoothly, and we’re working together to ensure we meet and exceed the high expectations players have for this new title.

It is likely that Ubisoft Annency’s role will be in helping develop the multiplayer of The Division, although Ubisoft are for now keeping their role secret.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is marked for a 2015 release, although no new details have been released regarding its release date which was originally pushed back from 2014.

Source: Ubisoft Blog


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