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Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC Runs Better on Xbox One than PS4, According to Report

There have been numerous reports of framerate and performance issues relating to Fallout 4′s Far Harbor expansion, with both PS4 and Xbox One versions being impacted the most. However, a report by Digital Foundry has found that the Xbox One version of Far Harbor runs much smoother than the PS4 version.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions of Fallout 4 try to hit a steady 30fps, but unfortunately that’s proving to be an issue. According to the report, the new areas and locations in Far Harbor run at a disappointing 20fps on PlayStation 4 with the framerate sometimes dropping lower than that to 15fps, making for a rough gaming experience to say the least. There are still performance issues which have been introduced following the game’s 1.6 patch, however, the Far Harbor regions have definitely suffered the biggest framerate drops.

Digital Foundry found that the main reason for the drop in frames is Far Harbor‘s new radioactive fog effects which are unique to Far Harbor. They also noted that the PS4 uses double-buffer V-Sync which is contributing to the loss of frames. The Xbox One is having less problems, as they don’t use the same buffering technique as the PS4.

There have been reports of some performance issues on the PC version of Far Harbor, however, since the Xbox One version is not suffering from the same performance-related issues as the PS4, it looks likely the problem is unique to the PS4 rather than an issue with the DLC itself across different platforms.

Bethesda have acknowledged that they are aware of the issues and have already sent a fix into Sony which will hopefully help solve these issues. There’s no ETA yet for when it will go live, but it’s safe to assume that the fix will be coming pretty soon.

Source: *Digital Foundry

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