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Into the Dead 2 for Nintendo Switch Review

Considering that the only Nintendo Switch game I have ever played was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with friends, Into the Dead 2 really tempted me to see the kind of games the Switch has. Due to always reading about developers not considering the Switch a serious console to invest in and that some of the games on the console are just not worth playing (excluding heavy hitters like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and so on), I was curious to find out whether or not these statements were true.

Before I get into the game, the Switch is a console that needs to be valued more. It capitalized on something PlayStation did ahead of its time with the release of the PSP, and making it a handheld console means that the Switch is the only current generation console of its kind, and the convenience of handheld consoles may prove pivotal for next generation console developers. Moving on to the game, I can say that Into the Dead 2 feels like a game that is nice to have on the go, and having it on the Switch is almost a match made in heaven.

What Is It About?

This zombie survival title developed by PikPok and Versus Evil is a level-based game revolving around James, our army veteran protagonist (because he would be so dead if he was not an army man), trekking the zombie-infested wastelands after suffering an accident on the road so he can get back to his sister and daughter. With a roster of weapons divided into rifles, pistols, SMGs and shotguns, the game is a blazing glory of zombie slaughter that is great for passing time and attempting to rack up the highest scores and all the stars in each stage. It is spread out across the story missions, side missions and arcade modes that are all there to equip the player with game time, zombie slaying and gold currencies (and fun, but that’s what all games are for).

The Good

With this game, the aim is to shoot to kill, pure and simple. There is no over-complication of game mechanics or story mode. In fact, you could go through the entire story mode without even learning your protagonist’s name or finding out what is going on in the rest of the story, and you’ll still have fun because there is no forced narrative, just lots of zombies to kill, and the only thing that really bothers you is how high your kill streak is.

Companions are important, especially those that can maul and bite their way through undead meat to keep you alive, and the game succeeds at making sure they were not useless or nullified. The Switch version sees the addition of a terrifying grizzly bear as a companion to accompany the already useful tigers and breeds of dogs found within the game. There are no microtransactions in this game, with all the side missions and companions able to be unlocked through gameplay rather than through pay-to-win purchases.

I know I already mentioned convenience, but it just needs to be mentioned again. The Nintendo Switch’s mobility and the fact that Into the Dead was a mobile game before is just a great fit and a smooth transition for the developers to make from mobile to handheld console. The way the game feels, it is meant for handheld devices and for stress relief more than serious hardcore gameplay.

The Bad

It is monotonous. Yes, the game is more of a pastime for when you are out of the house or waiting in a line for something and want to use your hands for anything but picking your nose, so you pull out your Switch, but it is not the type of game that I would find myself playing if I had a full on gaming setup in front of me because, simply put: What’s the point? I have a roster of much better games in front of me to try and progress through, I do not think I will bring out my Switch for a runner with zombies because, as fun as it can be, it is not fun in large doses.

There is no multiplayer. Maybe if there is one main critical addition that could have been added to the game, it would be multiplayer. As I mentioned, I use the Switch mainly for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and while this game is nice to play even when you are alone, it is always better to play with friends. Zombie shooters where you compete for the highest score amongst your friends on a split screen with chainsaws and SMGs firing everywhere would be just nothing but fun.


It is a zombie shooter full of guns and glory for each level. Having side missions and arcade mode gives you more content to work with to earn money so you can unlock weapons and companions to keep getting higher scores and advance the story mode until the very end. After all, it is fun to kill zombies!

Developer: PikPok

Publisher: Versus Evil

Platforms: Switch

Release Date: 25th October 2019

Do you agree with our review of Into The Dead 2? What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below.

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